So I just wanted to give everybody an update on how things are looking.

We are doing a lot of backend work right now getting the GUI to interface in with the back-end stuff.  I just wanted to give you guys a first look of what we anticipate things looking like.


This is what our header will look like.  We want to make things look very easy and very easy to use.  Looking below the header, you will see Support, Devices, Orders, and Clients.

‘Support’ will be for all of your support ticket needs,  New tickets, critical tickets, etc etc

‘Devices’ will be used for all of your devices.  We wanted to show how many devices you have as well as how many are up, down, or not applicable for monitoring.  We want to off a lot of different ways to monitor your systems.  So maybe you want to be notified for hard drive usage or CPU usage or other things.  We want to make this easy as possible for you and your customers.

‘Orders’ and ‘Clients’ are pretty self explanatory.

‘Important Announcements’  We all have the need to get messages out to our teams with ease.


We also wanted a way for our customers to view whats going on no matter what page they are on.  So if you hit the Alerts text on the top right hand corner, this special bar will tell you sort of whats going on, so you can view things quickly and easily.


Ticket system is very important in any web hosting business.  So why not make it deal to deal with, and streamline the whole support process for you and your team.


If you’ve tried to run a business with remote employees, or even just keeping track of what tasks need to be done, and when they need to be done, so you and your team can stick on a timeline that makes sense to everybody.  Again we want to simplify how you do business, and how your business runs.

This is all for now,  I hope this is enough to get people excited about our product!  We are planning on coming in at a FAR cheaper price than Ubersmith or other solutions out on the market right now, with far greater compatibility, and a much better system for integration support.

Thank you for checking us out, and we look forward to showing you guys more, and keeping you guys more consistently upgrade.